Hello, I am Saskia.

I help you discover the secrets of clear focussed action.

About me

On the edge of breakdown...

At the age of 30 I had travelled the whole world; of which the last twelve years as a religious, going from one convent to the next, having different responsibilities and each time setting up new  projects. When I was in the Philippines my body started to let me down. I felt drained emotionally and physically. Deep down I knew I was at the edge of a nervous breakdown and needed to go back to my roots. But where were those roots ?? I arrived in Paris and I remember myself sitting in the apartment of some good friends, talking to my superior on the phone, exhausted, and yet with all the power of my survival instinct I knew that if I wouldn’t take a break, something would just snap in my head… I went back to Holland where the journey of healing and self-discovery opened a new window of freedom and joy in my life.

Back to work, but how?

When I had regained my energy I started looking for a job. Recruiters told me ‘there was no place for me at the Inn’ since I would just not fit their molds. So I decided to create my own job. My business integrated all I had learned through my philosophical studies and in the working field helping people in distress find support and their meaning in life. Now I was helping people after accidents or illness find their purpose and meaning in life when finding their way back to work.

“I support people to find themselves
and open up an amazing window of freedom in their lives.“


The extra mile...

Yet I had to go deeper in my personal growth when I ended up in a very destructive relationship, my emotional health and the development of my children were at stake. Again, I had lost myself, yet, I kept searching for a way out. I had to take radical steps in order to break this recurrent pattern and regain confidence in life and in mankind. First I discovered that even though I had learned a lot, my body was still stuck in old (sometimes inherited) patterns. If, in the future, I didn't want to fall again in the same ditch, I had to help my body release these old emotions and convictions. I had to get rid of the wall around my heart which I had built to protect myself, but now blocked my way of communicating with others. I discovered the power of essential oils along with a deepened understanding of energetic healing. I experienced how it not only helped with the physical balance for me and my children, but also helped stabilize our emotional behavior.

Searching for a way to have my children grow up in a stable and more natural environment I decided to move to Ireland. It was a big leap and at times it felt like being in exile. Yet, I could feel the abundance of life being stronger than any personal or practical defeat! Despite the many difficulties, not one moment have I regretted this choice. I keep discovering the beauty of the people and environment of my new home country and I am truly grateful for that.

Making dreams come true...

By building my business for a second time from scratch, I am now living my dreams and keep exploring them. Today I allow myself to be free and enjoy life in the little things. When I look at my life I feel empowered, since I myself am in the lead. I know where I want to go and when I am helping people I clearly know what I have to offer and how it can change their lives as well. A source of creativity is present again to see opportunities and make things happen. Certainly not least: I experience the power of asking for help, maybe not always the fastest way, but certainly leading to be able to do greater things.

Each journey is unique and it is my joy to be able to accompany professional women working way too much for way too little - to go from burnout to breakthrough in their business. Allowing them to discover the secrets to clear focused action so they make a whole lot more doing a whole lot less, and open up an amazing window of freedom in their lives.

Today, start the change you wish to see!

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