You know what? Sometimes you are so caught up in the daily things that need to be done, that you don’t even see the opportunities right in front of you… And that is exactly what happened to me…

I got a call from someone who worked for a radio station, saying they had read my story about how I used to be a nun and how I had spent time working with Mother Teresa. 

At first I was thinking “I’m too busy right now for a trip to Dublin”, “who would look after the kids” you know the usual stuff. 

What I didn’t realize was that the radio station was Today FM and it was Ryan Tubridy who wanted to interview me! 

I had no clue who they were, I am Dutch and I although I’m really active in my community, I don’t listen to the radio and I did not even think of googling. 

As soon as I knew who it was, I realized the extent of the opportunity and I was ALL IN! I was going to make it happen. 

And it was incredible, not just as an experience but in the amount of emails and texts and calls I have received since with people wanting more information about what I do, inviting me to speak at events and how I went from being a nun to helping successful, time-challenged business owners and professionals who can’t find the bandwidth to pursue more lucrative projects and increase their profits.

So I created a special event.

This is for you if:

  • You want to turn things around in your business and in your life? 
  • You see other business owners managing everything but you wonder how they do it
  • You are sick of the grind and want to think bigger but just need to be around like minded people to inspire you

Its called “Secrets to more profitable projects and productive teams”

This is especially for you if you want to create that clear path to growth without the stress and the overwhelm. It’s also for you are sick and tired of struggling, trying to manage everything. 

Sounds cool, right? It’s totally cool and doable, and I can’t wait to share with you how easy it can be when you know some simple steps that you can take now.

If you want to be invited to this training, it takes place – online – on the 20th July 11 am Ireland, email and say “send me the details of the event, please”, and we’ll make sure you get an invitation to join live.

Do you want to free up your time?

Do you want to have more bandwidth for more lucrative projects?

And do you want to do it fast?

Getting crystal clear on what you need to have a bigger vision for you and your life is the fastest path to more profits and more time.

What would it be like to have a high performing team working with you to achieve that vision? Rather than a team that was draining your time and resources?

Many successful business owners and managers can find themselves wanting to grow but can’t because they are running out of time with everything they have to do. And can sometimes avoid growth because it means they’re going to have even less time and even more chaos with everything they already need to do.

What if you had a more clear a path to growth, to motivated higher performing teams, with clear focused action without the stress and overwhelm? Things would be different right? Many business owners don’t believe this is possible but it is actually more than possible and doable.

Having my own business for over 15 years, I know the entrepreneurial ups and downs from within, as well as the challenges and being a single mom who went from not having enough time for my family to finding the time and the way to bring my business to the next level. I want to teach you what I have learned and what my clients are learning so you can do the same in this special, one of a kind masterclass in Cork

You will walk away with:

  • Resources to start creating the change in your life and business/career right away
  • Practical tools that will help you create a bigger vision for yourself and your business
  • Laser focus so you can make more money and increase the performance of your team
  • All of my secrets to clear focused action that will open up an amazing window of freedom in your life

How good does that sound? It has worked for me it has worked for my clients and it can work for you.

Hear what my clients are saying:

“When I spoke to Saskia for the first time I considered I could still make a change by myself. A few months after the first time I spoke to Saskia about her work, things were getting nowhere: I had lost all focus, didn’t get anything done and felt exhausted and stressed out. The only thing I could do after an unproductive day was go to bed for a restless night of sleep and wake up to the same endless list of things to do… I decided to work with Saskia and within the first week I was able to focus on what I needed to do, I could read a book for an hour every evening, I felt satisfied and in control. On top of that I was able to create an extra 15K for one of my businesses. I am now working on a plan to create consistency for the long term and upgrading my teams.”

Thomas, Multiple Entrepreneur


“Before I met Saskia my days started off in a rush, I would randomly hit the road to serve my clients and solve their problems. I was all over the place, longing for a holiday and time to spend with my loved ones, but didn’t see a way out. Within six months of working together I was even able to extend a short break for a few days, since everything was well organized and under control. I reorganized my team, freeing up my own time to create an extra 300K within two years!”

Richard, IT-specialist, Business Owner


So is for you if you are sick of:

  • not having enough time to spend with your loved ones
  • missing focus and clarity on the next step in your life and business
  • worrying about the performance of your team

Then this is definitely for you, just click to register

Life is a roller coaster…

Filled with ups and downs and high lows. Being in business is too. It’s the bumps in the road that really make us stronger, and challenges us to get bigger and better. It’s never really going to be smooth, we’re just getting better at dealing with the bumps….

And you just never know when the next bump in the road is going to trip you up do you?

The bump in the road

I hit a bump in the road recently, things were moving forward nicely with my life and my business. I was happy, the special people around me were happy and I was thinking – life is great again

And then BAM… you’re thrown into a whirlwind of stress and drama and you just have no choice but to down tools and deal with it all.

But this time was different, this time I was different.

This time I was more in control of not only my life, but my business as well. I was able to step out of my business, do what needed to be done in my personal life to get things back on track and then get straight back to where I left off in my business.

You see, I’ve learned a few key things in business that keep it strong and running smoothly, even when things get stressful. And I’ve learned to master them, so much so I cannot even believe how far I have come, my business has come, and now my clients too. And I want to share what’s working for me with you.

Are you struggling?

So if you sick and tired of struggling, trying to manage everything, and feeling overwhelmed, and you just know there must be a better way. Then this is for you – it’s a special one of a kind online event where you will learn:

  • How to start creating the change in your life and business right away
  • Practical tools that will help avoid burnout
  • Proven Ways to make more money and work less hours – It’s possible!
  • All my secrets to clear focused action that will open up an amazing window of freedom in your life

It’s entirely complimentary and its taking place on the August 30th. And the good news is you don’t even have to dress up, or leave the house – opening your window of freedom can be done from the comfort of your home!

If you want to be there simply put “I’m there” in the comments and I will send you the details.

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Today, start the change you wish to see!

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